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The X Files Season Three GifFest                                    ↳The X Files - 3x13- 'Syzygy'


The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x13- 'Syzygy'

TXFSyzygyScully's facial expressions seriously

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get to know me meme: [3/10] friendships → the bau

"Don’t they understand that we’re a family? That that’s why this works is because we’re a family?"

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Criminal MindsCrying about it

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When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. When you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman.

Gail Simone, Wonder Woman: The Circle


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Wonder WomanHECK YEAH

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Astonishing Cinematography Stoker (2013) dir. Park Chan-wook.

What kind of family is family you can’t take home?

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tw bloodStokerThis film is so gorgeous

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You can fly. You belong in the sky. You and I… could belong to each other. If you need a friend… I’m the one to fly to. If you need to be loved… here I am. Read my mind.

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UGLY CRYINGSupermanChristopher ReevesMargot KidderI love this movie so muuuuuch

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